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ISC Senior Supervisor Celebrates 10 Years

Oct 1, 2010

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A much valued ISC Senior Supervisor, Turabali Nurbhai, has celebrated his 10th year with the company, reflecting fondly on what his decade as part of ISC has meant to him.

In his time with the company, 'Ali', now 66, has worked his way upwards through the ranks to attain his current role at The Natural History Museum, South Kensington.

Originally from Kenya, Ali left his old trade of exporting goods to Middle East ten years ago to join the ISC team, where he has since become a greatly respected and trusted asset amongst his colleagues and museum management.

"I have always enjoyed my work and the people I have the chance to work with," he says. "The ISC management team has always been very supportive and considerate; listening to any problems I've faced and solving them as best as possible. I've always been made to feel that that I am a valued member of the team."

Working for ISC has presented Ali with a variety of once-in-a-lifetime chances, as he explains: "I've met Hollywood actor Richard Gere, Indian singer Mr. Pankaj Udaas, and Tina Turner on her last performance at the former Wembley Stadium. The best memory for me though was when I met Mr. Kevin Keegan, the former England football manager, just a moment before he submitted his resignation after England lost against Germany."

Ali's career journey began at entry level of the security ladder in July 2000, and has since seen him work across a variety of ISC's prestigious sites. He joined the team as a steward in Wembley Arena and continued to work as a steward at the old Wembley Stadium and Earls Court until 2004, when he gained a promotion to the role of supervisor at Twickenham Rugby Football Club.

After completing a stint as a supervisor at BAFTA's Piccadilly offices, including the Royal Albert Hall, he was promoted in 2006 to the level of senior supervisor at the Natural History Museum where he has worked since.

He explains: "I look forward to my future with ISC. I believe that I am good at my job and that I have always been very patient, polite and understanding in managing the day-to-day challenges of dealing with different people from different ethnic backgrounds, age groups and genders. Ultimately, my next goal would be to fulfill a management role at the museum." ISC's Managing Director Pat Carr praised him, commenting: "Ali is an extremely valued member of the ISC team. He leads by example and I'd like to personally thank him for his hard work and commitment over the past decade." Ali was presented with a certificate and gift at a special presentation held at ISC's head office this October.