Recruitment and Selection

Training and Development

In order to be considered for employment you will be asked to provide us with personal information. Examples of the type of information we may collect include your name, address, contact details, education background, employment history etc. Providing us with such information signifies that such information is accurate, complete, up to date and true and is supplied for the sole purpose of seeking employment with us. You may also be asked to supply some diversity information as part of your profile, which you are not obligated to do so. This information, should you supply them, will be used only for reporting on the diversity of our candidates and or staff across our business. We will not in any way discriminate against any candidate on the basis of the information they provide.

At ISC we believe in the training and development of our staff and that is because employees who receive the necessary training are more able to perform their job well. As a minimum we provide the training required for our SIA officers and Stewards to enable them work at any sporting venue.

We also run SIA, customer service and other training for our staff via our third party training providers.

The recruitment and selection process is crucially important to any equal opportunities policy. ISC will endeavour through appropriate training to ensure that employees making selection and recruitment decisions will not discriminate when making these decisions.

  • Promotion and advancement will be made on merit and all decisions relating to this will be made within the overall framework and principles of this policy.

  • Job descriptions, where used, will be revised to ensure that they are in line with our equal opportunities policy. Job requirements will be reflected accurately in any personnel specifications.

  • We will adopt a consistent, non-discriminatory approach to the advertising of vacancies.

  • We will not confine our recruitment to areas or media sources which provide only, or mainly, applicants of a particular group.

  • All applicants who apply to us for employment will receive fair treatment and will be considered solely on their ability to do the job.

  • All employees involved in the recruitment process will periodically review their selection criteria to ensure that they are related to the job requirements and do not unlawfully discriminate.

  • Short listing and interviewing will be carried out by more than one person where possible.

  • Interview questions will be related to the requirements of the job and will not be of a discriminatory nature.

  • We will not disqualify any applicant because he/she is unable to complete an application form unassisted unless personal completion of the form is a valid test of the standard of English required for the safe and effective performance of the job.

We may use the information you provide on this website:

  • to assess and manage your application for employment;

  • to communicate with you in relation to your application;

  • to comply with any legal or regulatory obligations;

  • to monitor and evaluate ISC’s recruitment practices; and

  • to advise you of other employment opportunities which may be of interest to you.

As part of our recruitment policy, certain positions and roles may be subject to vetting checks to BS 7858 this is usually done through external agencies. Your application progression is subject to outcomes or findings of such checks. By submitting your details to us, you understand and agree that, if your current application is not successful, ISC may retain your personal data for a maximum period of six (6) months and that the data may be retained for a longer period if required. You also understand and agree that, should you be employed by ISC, we may retain your personal data for a maximum period of seven years after termination of employment, your personal data may be kept for a longer period if obliged by legal or contractual reason to hold such.

Available Jobs

Corporate Events Security Officer

We are currently recruiting for Corporate Event Security Officers, if you have an SIA licence and wish to apply, please click below.

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