Operational Planning & Consultancy

ISC has acquired a unique and broad level of knowledge, understanding and experience in management and live operations.

Relating to delivery of:

• Sports and entertainment stadiums
• Arenas
• Museums
• Open air large public gathering events – festivals, concerts, marches
• Road based activities – for bikes, runs, walks, entertainment, and motor vehicles
• Major Retail Complexes
• Holiday & entertainment complexes
• Education establishments-College & University complexes
• Fund raising and charity organisations
• Local Government Authorities

Our experience include the likes of:

• International football finals
• Domestic club football finals
• Rugby League and Union
• International rugby world cups
• International cricket matches
• Several notable arenas in the UK and abroad
• Olympic Games
• Cultural/historical/heritage sites across the UK
• National museums
• Iconic tourist venues
• An international office in Singapore
• Ongoing projects in the Middle East

The ISC consultancy team


We have wide-ranging levels of experience and expertise, thus enabling us to look at projects from a very holistic view point. This means we are able to fully understand, grasp, develop, test and engage with all aspects of your business, facilitating a rounded and dynamic approach.

ISC’s ethos towards consultancy projects is to embed its team within your organisation to enable the project team to gain a full and detailed understanding of your business, working alongside your management teams and creating a strong and trusting relationship.

Compliance, licensing and emergency services liaison


Interpretation of and compliance to the various legislative acts, guides, orders and standards, including:

• Health and safety management
• Sports ground certification and special certification
• Entertainment/ event licensing
• Venue and event risk management plans and processes
• Guidance regarding liaison with the emergency services
• Review of documentation
• Initiation on joint workshop exercises to test joint integrated emergency

New Build, enhancements and refurbishment operational and safety factors


• Support during the refurbishment/construction in relation to operational and safety factors
• Testing and overseeing of technical operational functions
• Supporting the applications process
• Life cycle management (succession and development planning and implementation)
• Partnership with architects and designers in terms of accommodating the legislation into the concept of the venue
• Venue certification (e.g. compliance with FIFA technical specifications for sports venues)

Operational structures


Develop and produce the event organisation structures:

• Non-event day management process and procedures
• Event management plan and decision methodology
• Operational integration of event owner, partner service providers and stakeholders
• Development of an integrated customer service plan

Facility, venue or event safety and security management:

design, review, develop, test


• Facility integrated operational Manuals
• Event integrated management Manuals
• Security operational manuals
• Visitor and Spectator Safety management policy & plans
• Health & Safety policy plans and documents
• Command & cooperation structures
• Stewarding and security structures
• Medical plan
• Fire safety plan
• Business Continuity Management
• Preparedness
• Contingency plans
• Emergency Plans - assessment, review, development and testing
• Accident recording and investigation process

Facility, venue or event Integrated Partner management plans


We have the ability to review the whole operation and the outcomes & effects partner organisations have on the performance of the facility and or event. We can then implement integrated management- design, training and development plans:

• Hospitality, catering and retail plans
• Ticketing methods of operating and functionality
• Traffic management plan
• Facilities and IT management

Integrated operations and development programmes


• Leadership, supervision and management
• Safety Compliance Management seminars
• Major Event Safety Management seminars
• Event Emergency and Contingency Management seminars
• Incident Recovery and Continuity seminars